7 Fashion Labeling Mistakes

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Did you know there are 7 Fashion Labeling Mistakes that you Can’t Afford to Overlook?

For example: Did you know that a single wash cycle with the wrong chemicals can irreversibly damage your brand’s labels?

And it happens more often than you’d think. After all, the right chemicals for one job can be disastrous for another. Each new brand or piece of apparel brings new challenges, with subtle details to account for at every turn: everything from materials and manufacturing to stitching and care information.

How’s a busy apparel manager to keep up?

​We’re glad you asked! We created an ebook on the  7 Fashion Labeling Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Overlook so that you can prevent common mistakes before they happen. Our free ebook outlines the biggest errors made every day by teams in apparel design and manufacturing. More importantly, it tells you how to avoid them.

Get your free copy here and STOP labeling mistakes that are costing you time and money.