Canada’s Best Brands 2016: The Top 25

Behold the most influential brands in the country, ranked by the only metric that really matters: the respect of average Canadians. This is not merely a list of the best-known brands in Canada. It’s also a list of the companies that best connect with their customers. It’s for that reason that we’ve packed the ranking with tasty insights on how these brands win our hearts and minds.

How we rank: The list of the 25 Best Brands in Canada is the result of a survey of a nationally representative sample of 1,868 Canadians by Rogers Consumer Insights Team. Performed online in May 2015, the poll seeks opinions on five key aspects of a company’s reputation (the quality of its products and/or services; its customer service; its commitment to innovation; community involvement; and also, the person’s overall view of the brand) from individuals who profess familiarity with the brands. The individual results are then compiled, based on a weighted ranking of the responses, into a single score for each brand. In order to be considered for the list, a brand must have originated in Canada, have a broad consumer profile and have a significant presence in two or more regions across the country.

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