Canadian Furniture Retailer Brings City’s Outdoor Street Initiative In-Store

Urban Barn, Canada’s much-loved furniture and home accessories company, announces its partnership with the City of Toronto’s Transportation Services Division and their Outside the Box art beautification program. The goal is to help further promote local artists who have been selected to improve the visual appearance of Toronto’s urban landscape. The artists’ original designs and artwork painted on traffic signal boxes support the City’s mandate to target graffiti vandalism.

Outside the Box is now in its fourth year, with nearly 120 boxes hand-painted across the City of Toronto. Artists submit their proposals, and a jury selects the winning designs to get turned into works of art on traffic signal boxes throughout all of Toronto.

“We are a community-driven company, always looking for opportunities to support in meaningful ways. In this case, it’s an urban mandate to eliminate graffiti vandalism and contribute to more vibrant cityscapes,” says Linda Letts, President of Urban Barn. “At Urban Barn, we are committed to recognizing and encouraging expression through art, and this partnership allows us to help build a platform for artists who otherwise may not have an opportunity to get their work noticed.”

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