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Ready to grow?

If you are ready to grow your business, consider Accent Labels.  We’ve been working with apparel manufacturers, importers and retailers for over 25 years.  More importantly, we’ve been helping them to succeed in the ever-changing retail environment. What can we

Are You Ready To Partner Up?

Are you ready to partner with Accent Labels?  A company that not only meets expectations but exceeds them.  We keep up with the latest trends and use this information to better serve our customers. In fact, to stay better informed,

Weaving Sustainability Into Your Labels

Sustainability in the apparel industry is a growing concern.  There’s a collective effort to reduce the amount of clothing discarded and to decrease the environmental impact during production. Major companies, both manufacturers and private label retailers, are reflecting this trend

We are the strong link in your supply chain

We know transparency and accountability are core to your business practices, that’s why we are committed to being the strong link in your supply chain. You want to know who’s ordered what, when and where it was shipped?  With our digital

Behind the seams at Accent Labels

We are so passionate about our work, we thought we should let you in behind the seams at Accent Labels. We’re convinced that you will understand why we have so much to offer to the garment industry. We feel privileged

We solve the most unique problems!

We are so passionate about what we do that we solve the most unique problems! That’s what makes us the perfect partners to tackle any on-apparel branding project, no matter how challenging or unique. Take Olga Kushneryk, our Director of