Cleveland clothing manufacturer outfits NBC Sports talent

It’s a turnaround for a company that hit hard times.

Just a couple of years ago, Hardwick Clothing was facing bankruptcy, threatening to shut its doors. Now, the manufacturer is getting national exposure.

Some of the biggest names and faces you see every week on NBC Sports are wearing clothes made in the company’s Cleveland factory.

“We’re now doing NHL, NFL, as far as I know, The Golf Channel, and we’ll be doing the 2016 Rio Olympics, ” said Jeffery Diduch, Chief Creative Officer.

Diduch is one of the new executives that was hired last year to help push the company back into the forefront of the tailored clothing industry.

“People under a certain age haven’t heard of Hardwick,” Diduch said. “We’re introducing some people to Hardwick for the first time, and we’re reminding other people that we’re still here, showing them that we’re doing something new and rather exciting.”

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