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To our valued clients,

For the past few weeks, we have all been living in exceptional times that has touched every corner of the globe.  The fight to save as many lives as possible requires sacrifice on the part of individuals and corporations.  Like most of you, Accent Labels has taken measures to protect the health of its employees and their families.  For over a week now, our Canadian employees have been working from home and will continue to work remotely until such time as it is safe to return to the office.  Our technology and infrastructure allow us to operate our business remotely and continue to offer you the same quality of service that you’ve come to expect from us.

We’d also like to reassure you with respect to our international operations.  First, our office in Hong Kong is operating normally.  Since China was able to contain the initial outbreak of Covid-19, the impact to our Asian office was minimal.  We are therefore well positioned to continue to serve you properly. Second, we’d like to confirm that our Asian factories are operating normally and able to handle their regular capacity.  After a slower than normal return from Chinese New Year, they are now back to delivering within expected timelines.

Our entire team is here for you during these difficult times.  You can count on us for anything you might need so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if we can be of any assistance.

Until such time as the crisis is over and we are able to gradually go back to our normal lives, we urge you to follow the guidelines set out by our government and to take care of yourselves and your families.

The Accent Labels Team