Quebec company’s clothes could be a real lifesaver

The right shirt can make you look like a heartbreaker but one Montreal company is making clothes that make sure your ticker is still ticking.

The shirts made by Hexoskin look like a standard polyester undergarment but hidden sensors and cardiac electrodes make it a complete medical monitoring system.

Hexoskin co-founder Pierre-Alexandre Fournier said he keeps his on all the time.

“It monitors my cardiac activity, my respiratory activity and my movement activity in general,” he said.

The garment has a small battery sewed inside which powers all that technology. Fournier said performance athletes are the current main customers but the small team at Hexoskin is aiming for a much larger market.

“In the future, we hope that these shirts will be used to manage chronic conditions for cardiac patients, for patients with respiratory diseases and other chronic conditions,” he said.

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