‘Sewbo’ Robot System Automates Fabric Sewing in 3D

We’ve told you recently about robots that emulate the locomotion of snakes, slugs, and salamanders. But biomimetics isn’t the only approach to robotic movement that engineers and designers are working on. Now there’s an industrial robot arm that works with a sewing machine to construct an entire garment, courtesy of startup Sewbo.

Surprisingly, automation hasn’t made much of a dent in industries that construct fabric into garments or other forms, inventor and startup founder, Jonathan Zornow, told Design News. The main problem is the inability of most robotic arms to handle limp, flexible fabrics. The automated construction of some simple shapes using various end-effectors is done to a limited extent in the production of seat covers for cars and airplanes. But constructing more complex shapes such as a complete garment hasn’t been possible before.

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