Our relationship with our clients is simultaneously elaborate and personal. Big or small, widely known or not yet known, Accent prides itself on offering a full range of services to each and every one of our customers for over two decades.

“Upon presentation of our work, most prospective new clients remark that we are associated with leaders in their respective fields”
David Ceausu – President

“Our Clients range from emerging designers, specialty apparel retail to both national and global brands.”
Rob Cannon – VP Business Development

“Parce que toutes les communications ne peuvent pas être virtuelles. On s’occupe de toutes les étapes, de la conception à la production.”
Benoit Mouton – Senior Graphic Designer

“My daily functions consider a range of customer needs from a garment factory in South East Asia to an IT Department deploying a new data routine. Each day brings a fresh challenge!”
Juan Correa – I.T. Manager