Jack Victor is Keeping Tailored Clothing Alive in Montreal

“In 1946, there were 50 clothing manufacturers in our 10 block radius; now there are only four or five – and only Jack Victor in downtown Montreal,” says Jack Victor chairman Alan Victor.

The company’s two renovated air-conditioned buildings encompass 100,000 square feet, where 900 workers craft beautiful garments using cutting-edge machinery combined with much handcraftsmanship. “My grandfather built this five-story building in 1951,” says Victor. “At first, some of the space was leased to a hat manufacturer and a dress manufacturer but as the business grew, we took over that space and added floors in 2000. A good 75 percent of today’s business is done in the United States, evenly balanced between department and specialty stores, and between suits and sportcoats. We’re about to open a new NYC showroom at 8 West 40th Street, overlooking Bryant Park.”

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