Multi-billion dollar wearables tech sector is the star of CES® 2016

The wearables tech industry is projected to grow 64 percent over the next three years, reaching $25 billion in 2019. The Wearables Marketplace and related lifestyle exhibit areas on the CES show floor have more than tripled in size since 2015.

Robin Raskin, founder and president of Living in Digital Times stated:

“Wristwear, eyewear, fingerwear, clothing, accessories – thanks to the advances in mobile technology you can now carry the power of your desktop on your body. The innovation that stems from the wearables market is one of the main themes of CES 2016. As wearable technology improves it has become a part of our daily lives and is now the “It” technology at CES 2016.”

Wearables are on display at the Living in Digital Times Marketplace and Showcases at Tech West in the Sands. Here is a guide on where to find them:

Baby Tech– Some of the wearable companies at the Baby Tech Showcase are Mimo Baby, a monitor that gives parents a new level of insight into their baby’s sleep quality and BuddyTag, a stylish way to wear a waterproof wristband that uses Bluetooth technology to monitor a child.

Health & Wellness– As innovation improves the ability to diagnose, monitor and treat illnesses and diseases, wearables are taking over the digital health space.

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