7 Fashion Labeling Mistakes

Did you know there are 7 Fashion Labeling Mistakes that you Can’t Afford to Overlook? For example: Did you know that a single wash cycle with the wrong chemicals can irreversibly damage your brand’s labels? And it happens more often

9 valued care label tips for brand leaders

Ensure your Care Labels are all they can be with our 9 valued care label tips for brand leaders! Our world of globally sourced products, complex regulations and an explosion of new fabrics can make even simple things seem complex.

Why International Labelling Standards Would Benefit Canadian Companies Expanding Globally

As Canadian brands and retailers become increasingly international, their products are being purchased by those who speak different languages. Besides potential confusion and mistranslation, individual country-by-country labelling standards are …

As seen in Retail Insider

One wouldn’t think something as small as a clothing label or hang tag could be so important. And yet it is — labels and hang tags reflect the quality of a product, which can make-or-break a brand. We spoke with an executive at leading label manufacturer Accent Labels to learn more, and we also spoke with a retail branding expert to gain insight into…


Montreal ‘cluster’ aims to put city back on fashion track

In 2008, a group of Quebec fashion industry leaders got together to brainstorm on how to compete in the global market, polish the image of Montreal as a fashion capital and get the industry out of the doldrums. They concluded with a wide-ranging report in 2013 and one clear message…


Accent Labels is pleased to be partnered as the nominated tag supplier for Grafton Fraser Inc.

Accent Labels is pleased to be partnered as the nominated tag supplier for one of Canada’s foremost brands, Grafton Fraser Inc. As the leading Canadian retailer of men’s apparel, Grafton-Fraser Inc. operates through its retail chains; Tip Top Tailors, George

Woman by Joy Pitts, courtesy of BBC

Joy Pitts: Nottingham woman makes art from labels

We spotted this article on the BBC news and just had to share it. If you don’t know what to do with all your labels, here’s inspiration from Joy Pitts. Click here to read more…

ACCENT LABELS goes social and invites you to join

ACCENT LABELS understands how important it is, in today’s fast paced business environment, to keep the lines of communication as short as possible. In order to be well positioned to do so efficiently and effectively. ACCENT LABELS has not only