Your creative department extension.

Our dedicated in-house creative team is a prime component and essential asset in Accent Labels’ expertise. Every mandate undertaken, from new ideas to makeovers, and from the simplest to the most complex, is always overseen, proofread, and double-checked by our creative team. The standard involvement of creative minds ensures quality, integrity, and makes every result a better result. Based on your briefing, trust our team to craft and deliver a new concept, or a captivating brand overhaul, and, as always, a superior customer experience.

Seamless and secure information management.

Our experienced on-staff IT team provides all the expertise needed to manage your data accurately and securely. Tried-and-true data transfer protocol, and leading-edge technologies, have helped us build longstanding relationships with an enviable list of international manufacturers, retailers, and their valued vendor links and bases. We’re also recognized for our reach and connections to makers around the world, allowing them access to data critical to meeting your specific branding needs, easily and seamlessly. Our smart yet simplifying system is known and admired for its intuitive ease of use and flexibility in helping your supply chain run smoothly and efficiently.

MIO™ data collaboration platform

Our edge in data-driven efficiency
Our unique and proprietary MIO™ data-sharing platform allows seamless collaboration between all parties involved in your label’s creation, with approved internal and external partners sharing relevant data in a task-simplifying and secure environment. From your purchase order information uploaded at the MIO™ dashboard, the system extracts and distributes content needed to develop your labels, eliminating the loss of valuable time spent managing data manually.

Your hub and hive of partner productivity
As a shared platform, MIO™ is used by our mill partners across the globe to access your project’s needed data, based on requests received from your accredited suppliers and their third-party partners. Simplifying information transfer and reducing risk of error to near zero, MIO™ allows you transparent monitoring of your data, tracking when and where it’s used, and who is using it, from outset to outcome and every step in between.