Weaving Sustainability Into Your Labels

Sustainability in the apparel industry is a growing concern.  There’s a collective effort to reduce the amount of clothing discarded and to decrease the environmental impact during production. Major companies, both manufacturers and private label retailers, are reflecting this trend in their purchasing decisions. But what about incorporating sustainability into their labels? At Accent Labels, we have a sustainable option: Labels made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

How do we weave sustainability into your labels?

We create polyester fiber from collected PET plastic bottles and use it to produce your woven labels.  They are made without depleting the Earth’s natural resources but look identical to those made from non-recycled polyester fabrics. Therefore, they reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean and landfills.


Still not convinced?

Consider it as a consumer-centric strategy. By using sustainable labels, you tell your consumers that you understand and empathize with their growing environmental concerns.  More importantly, you tell them that your brand is part of the solution to help make their lives better. Above all, you help remove more bottles from the sand and sea.

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