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We are so passionate about what we do that we solve the most unique problems! That’s what makes us the perfect partners to tackle any on-apparel branding project, no matter how challenging or unique.

Olga is our Director of Major AccountsTake Olga Kushneryk, our Director of Major accounts, responding to a unique problem.

A retailer wanted a way to manage reallocation of surplus product to other countries. Meaning that their care labels had to be in several languages.  Olga was not fazed by this request as she had a plan.

“When a global retailer comes to us with this issue, we know we can help. We manage multilingual care labels and can take care of everything for them, including translations.  They can go from web-entry to delivery in just 7 days.”

Multilingual care label can solve so many problems in the garmentWe also offer a web-based interface to easily view the product catalog, enter orders, and check on shipments and order history.  Main labels, tags, and size tabs are in inventory for immediate delivery and safety stock as required. We support vendors locally, in Hong Kong and Montreal, with responsive customer service support in both regions.

“The retailer couldn’t be more pleased with our solution and we feel that this system could also benefit so many others” Olga concluded.

We’re always ready to work with the very best fashion brand leaders.

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